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Tea Brewer New


Kabinli Cay Makinesi


    Products are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

    Enclosure provides heat saving.Protect from high heat.

    Provides tasty tea long time.

    Provide for the appropriate use of mass consumption.

    2 sizes.

    Hygienic and durable.

    Automatic temperature control system is efficient.

    There are heat-insulated handles.

    There is thermometer on the machine.

    Water heating system is specially designed.

    Provides hot water and tea all day long.

    Stainless steel tubular heating elements are used in the product.

    Special model taps ergonomic use.

    CE certified.

    Safety heat system


    CODE Model Liter Dimensions Power
    DE10 3  Demlikli Çay makinası 40 LT 410mm*400mm*730mm 2200 Watt
    DE11 2 Demlikli Çay Makinası 23 LT 340mm*340mm*640mm 2750 Watt